Roberta K: reporting for business

Business journalist and travel writer Roberta Kedzierski started her professional life in Milan, Italy by setting up a translation company with a friend. This was 1987.

Working from Italian to English, she specialised in architecture, design, and fashion. Having come from a background in marketing in London as well as New York, she soon attracted requests from international market research organizations needing someone to interview senior managers in Italian and write up the findings in English.

While monitoring the Italian market, Roberta has covered topics as diverse as telecoms, luxury goods, fashion apparel, advertising trends, photovoltaic, wind-power, medical, cruise ship trends, IT outsourcing, and domestic appliances.

A spell as a stringer for a US-based trade pensions and investments periodical followed. Roberta has also contributed articles on living in Italy, including cultural and language issues to local newsletters and magazines for local residents and return visitors. In addition, Roberta edits travel guidebooks, with a specialisation in Milan, Lombardy, and the Lakes.


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