Holiday greetings via the Toone Marionette Theatre in Brussels


Just in case you are interested, the image we chose for our Holidays card this year is of the entrance to the Toone Marionette theatre (and bar!) in Brussels.

The address is Rue du Marché aux Herbes 66, and access is via a little alley-way called the Impasse Sainte-Pétronille. This is the landmark:

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Here’s some info on the company.

While the puppet shows are a must-see if you have the time (the programme is here), most people come here for the beer. For, this place is also an estaminet, or “small cafe selling alcoholic drinks”. The bar may be small, but the selection of beers is great! The other attraction, at least to my way of thinking, is the fauna. There’s a fine example of a grumpy cat:

toone, estaminet, theatre, marionettes, puppets, grumpy cat

and then there is, or was — since we were here in December 2013 — Charlotte. And Charlotte is a chicken. Excuse the quality of the image, but I had to provide proof, otherwise people might think that my recollection was merely fowl play on the part of the Triple Carmelit! Charlotte made her appearance about 11pm, and seemed to be an accustomed presence in the bar, to judge by the locals’ response. Delighted to see her, but not surprised.

toone, estaminet, theatre, brussels, chicken, charlotte

We later realised that her arrival was not for paltry theatrical effect. It was a subtle sign that closing time was approaching. For, a few minutes later, the very gent who had brought her in, started inviting us to drink up and leave, at least until the following day. Just for your information, the Toone Bar is open from mid-day to 11.30pm. Theatre performances are held on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, at 8.30pm, with a matinée on Saturday at 4pm. Tickets are 12 euro.

Here’s a pic of the old stage, since performances now take place upstairs. Where we will surely venture next time we are in this neck of the woods.

Toone, theatre, estmaniet, bar, Brussels, Belgium,

BTW, for more on Brussels’ famous Impasses, see here.