Remembering Luciana Schiroli, journalist, art critic and art show organizer: Colori per Luciana, an exhibit in Varese, Italy

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A year after her death, friends, colleagues, associates, and all those who have been privileged to know her, still recall  Luciana Schiroli‘s passion for art, for life, and for fun. Franco Prevosti — with whom Luciana organized many art shows at Sala Veratti in Varese, at the Torre Colombera in nearby Gorla Maggiore, as well as at other venues — has lined up an exhibit featuring one piece from thirty artists, paintings, photographs, sculptures, and collage, all of whom had participated in shows organized by Luciana, and on whom she had written.

The artists are:

Giugi Bassani

Eduardo Brocca Toletti

Gian Piero Castiglioni

Mario Chiodetti

Sergio Colombo

Elda Genghini Clerici

Paolo Collini

Rod Dudley

Fabio Forti

Antonio Franzetti

Maria Teresa Gonzalez Ramirez

Angela Grimoldi

Giovanna Grimoldi

Hsiao Chin

Francesca Labita

Michela Malandrin

Niccolò Mandelli Contegni

Ruggero Marrani

Pinuccio Martorana

Helen Claire Mitchell

Diego Ornaghi

Giorgio Piccaia

Matteo Piccaia

Sabrina Pino

Riccardo e Stella Ranza

Gian Reverberi

Loris Ribolzi

Pietro Sormani

Simona Zonca

The show is taking place in the Stecca of Villa Baragiola, 46 Via Caracciolo, Varese, Italy, and runs to Sunday 21 April 2013. The exhibition is open Tuesday-Friday 15.30-17.30, Saturday and Sunday 10.30-12.30 and 15.30-18.30.