Marina Craizar Grégoire, Laura Pasquetti, and Marisa Secchi exhibit their art at Porto Ceres io, on the Italian shores of Lake Lugano from 30 July to 7 August 2011

Inaugurated on Saturday 30 July and running to Sunday 7 August 2011, Laura Pasquetti, Marisa Secchi and Marina Craizar Grégoire’s exhibition of artworks was the 11th event of the current season at Porto Ceresio, on the Italian shores of Lake Lugano.

Marina Craizar Grégoire’s terracotta sculptures are seen in the foreground, while Marisa Secchi’s still-life paintings hang on the wall in the light-filled exhibition space that is attached to the town’s library and offers spectacular views over the lake.

Laura Pasquetti’s atmospheric landscapes, this one being of Lake Lugano from Porto Ceresio looking across to the Swiss shores, complemented the group show.

Here is another lake view from Laura Pasquetti. For more information on the work of Laura Pasquetti, look here: For works by Marina Craizar Grégoire, see

Upcoming art exhibitions at the Library in Porto Ceresio include:

12-21 August 2011: paintings by Gianni Tossani and Marilena Marzano
26 August-4 September 2011: paintings by Peter Tedden, Ulrike Zilly, Roberto Hostman, Sibille Kroos, and Sergio Maina
9-18 September 2011: paintings, drawings, and illustrations by Mike Snyder
23 September-2 October 2011: “Views of the Varese area”, paintings by Sergio Pegoraro
8 October-16 October 2011: “Light, colors, emotions”, paintings by Maria Luisa Pozzen and Luisa Mainardi

The complete 2010/2011 programme of art shows organized by the Biblioteca Comunale in Porto Ceresio (Varese) can be seen here: