20 June 2010; 8th annual FIAT 500 meet Porto Ceresio, Lake Lugano, Italy

More than one hundred FIAT 500s gathered in the main square in Porto Ceresio, on the Italian shores of Lake Lugano on Sunday 20 June for the 8th annual meet of this distinctive marque. Organized by the Ceresio chapter of the FIAT 500 Club Italia, registration started at 08.30. At 10.30, the cars took to the road, skirting the lake shore and heading for Ponte Tresa, passing through Brusimpiano, Montelago, Miralago, and Lavena, reaching Ponte Tresa at 12.00, where lunch awaited.

Before then, lots to do, friends to catch up on. People met last year or at other similar events organized by the FIAT 500 Club Italia, which has been in existence since 1984. For a calendar of FIAT 500 events, see www.500clubitalia.it, as well as www.carpages.co.uk/fiat/fiat-500-22-03-07.asp.


Here we see two cars that have not come that far: one is from Varese (VA), 10km from Porto Ceresio. The other hails from Como (CO), which is about 50 km.

Here’s a couple more that have come from further afield: one from Novara (NO), and the other all the way from Palermo in Sicily. Nine hundred km? Maybe, but more likely that its owner lives a lot closer, and the car just happened to come from PA many years ago.

Distinctive paintwork for a FIAT 500 from Turin (TO). Featuring a flyer for another upcoming FIAT 500 meet.

This little green number comes from Turin too. And they brought their own picnic basket. No need. Once at Ponte Tresa, ten kilometers or so up a very scenic route along the shores of Lake Lugano in Ponte Tresa, there’ll be lunch at the Hotel Carillon www.hotelcarillon.net. After which, duly refreshed, everyone takes off back towards Besano, where the judging and prize-giving will take place. At 16.30, it’s all over, goodbyes are said — until the next time. Arrivederci a presto!