A visit to Villa del Balbianello, Lenno, Lake Como, 24 April 2010

So here we are: at the start of the footpath that leads from the car park to Villa del Balbianello. The alternative is to take a water taxi from the Lido at Lenno, which is just about 100 metres from this pedestrian entrance to the villa. On Thursdays and Fridays, the water taxi is the only option.

In common with most historic houses, museums and galleries, the Villa Balbianello and gardens are closed on Mondays, but also Wednesdays.

Confused? who wouldn’t be?

To summarise: the villa and gardens are open Tues, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, mid-March to mid-October. You can get there by boat from Lenno on any of these days, or walk up — as we did — on Tues, Sat or Sun. For more info see www.fondoambiente.it.

We’ve been walking for quite a while. Are we there yet?

Oh, look! I see a gateway, Please say we’re there! What a long walk it’s been, They said 20 minutes. A bit longer, I think. Fortunately, it will be quicker on the way back: if nothing else, it’s downhill!

Here we are! Now for the ticket office. We just want to see the gardens today. We can get a guided tour of the villa another time.

What a view, and what a day!

This is the Loggia of Villa Balbianello. Look out from one side and see down past Sala Comacina, direction Laglio and Como. Look out the other and you gaze upon Tremezzo and Bellagio.

Take a seat and enjoy the view. Lush greenery, the lake, the snow-capped mountains in the background.

Mike takes a break down by the landing stage.

Mike at the landing stage, a boat waits to come and pick up passengers. A slight mist on the lake. And a long walk back to the car. Stopping for lunch in Lenno first, though. A pretty shoreside village. To be explored further, on our next visit.