Ars(tratto) ria II, Friday 22 January 2010, Trattoria i Dü Matt, Gavirate, nr Varese, Italy

Ars(tratto)rio II, Friday 22 January, 2010: featured artist Alberto Frigo, who is also the curator of this series of “art shows-cum-dinner” at the Dü Matt Trattoria in Via Chiostro, Gavirate, near Varese.

Alberto’s speciality is floral images: here’s one in the lobby/bar area of the restaurant, which offers a 15 euro menu for the Ars (tratto) ria event. This evening it was crostini with local cold cuts, followed by wild boar and polenta, wine. water and coffee are also included in the price. Weekdays, there’s lunch for 10 euros: first, second and vegetables, wine, water and coffee. A terrific deal and a very pleasant setting: facing onto Lago di Varese, just 5 km from the center of town.

BTW, Alberto was also responsible for the restaurant decor since — in his other life — he is an expert trompe l’oeil artist and is much in demand from interior designers — in Italy and elsewhere — who need innovative texturing effects for their clients’ homes.

Alberto, with Aimone the chef in the background. These two cooked up the idea of Ars (tratto) ria, which had its first outing on Friday 8 January 2010, when Mike Snyder showed his paintings, drawings, and illustrations. The next session will be Friday 5 February when Giorgio Presta will be exhibiting his works.

Alberto’s edelweiss painting can be seen to the right. Facing us are Gaetano Blaiotta and Samuel. About 30 people attended Ars(tratto) ria II on Friday 22 January 2010, many of whom had been to the first session two weeks earlier.

The evening was anything but a fiasco (!) as we can see. After dinner, guests sat chatting — whether about the paintings, or not.

Alberto Frigo’s orchid painting. His are also the sgraffito images seen above the picture-rail. These form part of the decor of the restaurant, which he was commissioned to execute two years ago.

Photos were also the order of the evening. A fine selection can be seen on the Ars(tratto)ria page on Facebook.

Aimone, the chef, can be glimpsed in the kitchen. Meanwhile, the guests enjoy that pleasant feeling of having eaten well, of being in good company, and of not having to go back out into a cold winter’s evening — for just a little longer.

And yet the evening must end! Everyone has said good-bye, and is now heading back home. The paintings will be here until Sunday, so the weekend guests at the Dü Matt trattoria can enjoy them too. And we look forward to another rendez-vous: Friday 5 February, with Giorgio Presta’s paintings. See you then!