Although officially Milan’s main airport, Malpensa is a good 30 miles from the city, and is indeed closer to Gallarate or Busto Arsizio while, to add to the confusion, it is in the province of Varese. Don’t be surprised, therefore, to find that the addresses for these hotels are not very consistent. Check too, the distances on the map. If you have flown into Malpensa before, you may recall the lakes you saw as the plane came in to land. In fact, Lake Maggiore is not that far from the airport. Why not spent your last evening in Italy before you take our transatlantic flight home, on the Lake. Check out Il Sole at Ranco, near Angera, where the restaurant is truly an experience to write home about!

Browse our list which, in addition to 14 hotels and guesthouse, includes an agency that will make a reservation for you at a bed&breakfast establishment within driving distance of Malpensa airport.

1. Locanda dei Mai Intees
Via Monte Grappa 22, 21022 Azzate (Varese), tel: 0332 457223,

2. Hotel Villa Malpensa
Vizzola Ticino (Varese), tel: 0331 230944,

3. Locanda La Casetta
frazione Capronno, Angera (Varese), tel: 0331 956951,

4. Albergo della Rotonda
Via Novara 53, Saronno (Varese), tel: 02 96703232,

5. Piccolo Mondo antico, bed&breakfast
Via Giusti 24, Castellanza (Varese) 21053, tel: 0031 480568,

6. Best Western Jet Hotel
Via Tiro al Segno 22, Gallarate (Varese) 21073, tel: 0331 772100,

7. Residence Montelago
Via Roma 32, Ternate (Varese), tel: 0332 960136,

8. Hotel David
Via Roma 56, Sesto Calende (Varese), 0331 920182,

9. Hotel La Collinetta
Via Cocquio 35, Sesto Calende (Varese), 0331 924128

10. Hotel Tre Re
Piazza Garibaldi 25, Sesto Calende (Varese), tel: 0331 924229,

11. Hotel Il Sole di Ranco
Piazza Venezia 5, Ranco (Varese), tel: 0331 976507,, also restaurant

12. Hotel Ristorante Belvedere
Via Piave 11, Ranco (Varese), tel: 0331 975260,

13. Conca Azzurra
Via Carlo Alberto 53, Ranco (Varese) 21020, tel: 0331 976526,

14. Art Hotel
Viale Agguggiari 26, Varese 21000, tel: 0332 214000,

15. Associazione B&B Varese (bed&breakfast booking agency for Varese area)
Via Amalfi 7, Cardano al Campo (Varese) 21010, tel: 0331 260040,